Take time to read the rules and post accordingly

Note that the 'Do not post any' section in this post is the only current and valid list of what is not allowed to be posted on SMUTCORE. It will be updated when necessary. Same goes for the other rules: when anything gets updated in the forum rules, the tag [updated 'date of the update'] will be modified in the thread title to indicate there were changes. Check up on this post to see the changes made when that happens.

Big thanks to all the good posters we have here at SMUTCORE, for whom these rules are not really needed, as you already do great work!

Basic Rules:

  • you must be at least 18 years of age.
  • use the English language on the forum, but remember this is an international forum, so use plain English. Also, do not use text speak or 'slang' - expressions in the category of "dude", "bitch" and "ho" are unwanted.
  • don't forget this is a vintage erotica forum. Material released after 1995 is off topic in the 'Classic' and 'Vintage' forums. Only exceptions are that in the threads of Classic models and celebs, their recent work is also allowed, and in 'Classic Movies' and 'Classic & Vintage Magazines,' material released up until 1997 is allowed.
  • make your requests to the appointed request forums:
    - Magazine Request
    - Model ID Request
    - Classic Pornstar Movie Clips Request
    - Classic Movie Request
    - Classic Movie ID Request
    - Other Requests.
    Do not make them in the other forums.
  • take care of your account and login - keep it safe, use a strong password! ... not "12345" or your username as password. If your account gets "hacked" and abused to spread spam, malware or phishing, you will get banned. Do not complain to us if that happens, it is your responsibility.
  • SMUTCORE moderators reserve the right to remove or edit posts without notice. When this happens - do not repost! Due to our limited resources, you may not receive a message explaining the removal. An explanation will almost always be found in the Forum Rules.
  • we expect some level of commitment and participation in the forum. We understand that not everybody can contribute to the topics, that's no problem. Stick to the forum rules, thank the posters and remember that it's given and take. We will not tolerate members who only request or break the rules.

Immediate Ban will follow on:

  • posting ch1ld pornography or any material featuring models under 18 years old in sexual poses
  • rape, sadistic, violence, Nazi-themed posts, extreme S&M, or extreme perverse material like scat
  • having attitude problems towards the moderators or fellow members
  • ignoring forum rules big time when posting - then there will be no two warning steps
  • posting spam, phishing, viruses or malware

Banning Procedure:

Besides an immediate ban, forum staff uses a 3-step banning system. Moderators can choose to use PM's to give you some free advice, but official procedures when a member breaks forum or posting rules are:

  • first offense: you will receive an official warning, which will be logged.
  • second offense: you will receive an official penalty, which will be logged
  • the third offence: you will be banned - your SMUTCORE account will be blocked permanently